I’m passionate about telling stories in new and creative ways!

My name is Caleigh Rae Wells and I recently graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2018. I currently work at NBCUniversal as part of the Intellectual Property Analysis & Insights department in Los Angeles, CA. Leveraging my education in Broadcast and Digital Journalism and Musical Theatre along with my professional experience in digital marketing and media consulting, I have made it my mission to illustrate stories through the power of multimedia production, social media and online platforms.

   Experience & Expertise

Adobe Premiere

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Audition

WordPress & SquareSpace

AP Style

Long Form Video & Print Journalism


Microsoft Office

Hopes & Inspiration

“I hold you in the light, and I wish you curiosity and confidence, and I wish you ethics and enlightenment. I wish you guts… I wish you purpose and the passion that goes along with that purpose. I hope that everyone of you contributes to the conversation of our culture and our time and to some genuine communication… I hope you shake things up, and when the time comes to bet on yourself, I hope you double down.” – Oprah Winfrey, USC Class of 2018 Commencement Speech 

Representative Companies, Brands & Projects I’ve Worked On: